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Dear Friends, 

The services made right now are for the Human being and Humanity. We all know this. However since in this program, the service is for the human being and if it is considered that the one who serves is also a human being, the service is foremost for the human being himself/herself and his/her health. Because one can never serve the other human beings with an unhealthy body.



  For this reason, the Supreme Realm tries to help and to eliminate, as much as possible, the effects exercised on physical constitutions by the difficult conditions experienced on the World planet on which the human dimension is.

Let us now come to the actual matter.

We know that in this Universal duty performed, the service is for the Human Being, for the Single and for the Total. For this reason, since an entity with closed eyes will not be able to see the hindrances in front of him, THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK is bestowed on you as a walking stick, a support, a life buoy and a Guide.

Those who will benefit from the high frequency of this Book will also observe the regeneration in the condition of their health. Since until today the function of the Book in the duty medium was on the path of serving the human being and forming an aura, you always dispersed the positive waves absorbed to your medium abundantly according to the cell reflection project and you will go on dispersing them. Because this is your Universal Covenant.

Besides this, in case the Universal Totality and Your Planet which will enter much more powerful magnetic fields every passing day, are able to benefit from the frequency of the Knowledge Book, by always forming positive energy fields, powerful auras will be formed and will not be affected by the powerful radioactive area of these magnetic fields.

Every entity has a magnetic aura field formed outside his/her body according to his/her evolution consciousness. These fields are formed by your positive thoughts. However as the dimension you live in is a dimension subjected to material and spiritual pressure, hence the positive energies you have formed parallel to your evolution and your allegiance, cannot form your bodily magnetic aura field as speedily as before. The reason for this is the strengthening of the negative effects. For this reason, you, our Universal friends have two duties at this stage.

1- To carry on the law of serving humanity by the weekly studies done through the Knowledge Book.

2- To be able to attract the total frequency of one fascicule on one?s physical constitution everyday in order to Strengthen the Individual?s Bodily Aura.

For this reason, to strengthen your power more and with the reason that this magnetic field is more powerful, a program has been taken into effect. As we have declared to you previously, on the World date we will state, everyone (Especially the missionaries) will begin to read the first fascicule on the given date as a start.

From this date on, by regularly reading the whole of one fascicule every day consecutively in a 24 hour time segment, a program of one year will be taken into effect. As the aura formed by this magnetic field will be stronger than the aura you would form individually, this program has been taken into effect.

The date of starting the reading of the fascicules has been decided as February 19th, 2000. And on that date, everyone will begin to read the first fascicule of the Knowledge Book, individually at home or wherever he/she wishes. No faltering in the program of reading the fascicules, which will continue consecutively the next day, will take into effect very positive results for you.

This magnetic aura of the Totalistic System will be your roof of World Protection. You have been protected by the Universal Totality until today and are still being protected. The Universal Totality only protects your Universal Power. By this technique, your bodily Power will be protected, too.

In this program, in case of illness or in a moment of obligation, if you cannot read the fascicule of that day, write the number of the fascicule on a paper in order not to forget. However whichever fascicule is to be read according to the given date, another fascicule cannot be read. According to this, you may take into effect the fascicules you could not read, consecutively only after finishing the program of 1 year.

If you don?t do like this, there will be refractions in the aura. And you will not be able to benefit from the waves, which will be formed by this beautiful program. The year 2000 is a year in which the studies will be taken into effect seriously. And during this year, Intellect will always go in the front and show you the way.

This program is a program open to everyone; there is no Forcing. However in this program, in order for the aura to form, it is obligatory that all the fascicules are read Consciously at one go, without interruption. The program is connected to the automatism.

Let us repeat again: especially the Missionary Staff will be able to enter in this Protective and Strengthening aura totality which will start with the reading of the whole of the fascicules consecutively by February 19th which is the start date. Fascicules that could not be read may only be read consecutively after all the fascicules are finished and will complete the program of one year.

As each fascicule carries a frequency totality peculiar to itself, whichever fascicule is to be read on a given day, everyone will read the same fascicule. Otherwise the aura is refracted. And the energies that are not desired may leak through the cracks. Everyone who Consciously applies this technique will benefit from this powerful field. It is presented for your information.

It is transmission from the SUPREME MECHANISM


This message will maybe reach you after 19th of February. We are Notifying You of the Suggestions to be realized, accordingly.

19th of February will be taken into effect as the First Fascicule and consecutively;

February 20th -- Fascicule 2

February 21st  -- Fascicule 3

February 22nd -- Fascicule 4   etc...

1- Whenever you will start reading, Whichever Fascicule is to be read on that Day, start reading that fascicule on that day.

2- If there are any fascicules, which you could not read due to excuses, write down the numbers of the fascicules consecutively on a piece of paper.

3- During this program of one Year, The Knowledge Book is to be read about 6 times.

4- Those Fascicules you could not read which you wrote on a piece of paper will be read Consecutively only after the program ends at the End of the Year.

5- In this way, it will be possible for you to take place within the Universal Aura.