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Our Friends,

As everyone who have received the Divine light are making the effort to carry out to the Fullest All the Missions they have undertaken, they are never able to see the programs carried out for the good of the Whole. Since this condition is affecting humanity in a negative manner, programs of selection have been taken into effect. Thus, those who have achieved the Consciousness of the Whole and those who have not achieved it are being Chosen One by One.

All Programs Applied to your planet until This day by Kozmoz are for Humane Consciousnesses to make Consciousness progresses. Each Knowledge Has a magnetic field and a Dimension Frequency. Humanity makes progress through the Frequencies of all this Knowledge. Knowledge is not important at all. It is the Frequencies of all that Knowledge that will enable you to make progress.

Since, due to the scarcity of Time, there is the Obligation for everyone who has received the Right of life on your planet in accordance with the 1900 Accelerated Evolution program to be Card-Indexed to the Dimension of Salvation; your Whole planet has been taken into a special program in the World year 2016 on the grounds of the Unification program.

In the Final Scanning program of the year 2015, it has been seen that Many Consciousnesses on your planet are Still hungry for Knowledge. Without Fulfillment of Knowledge, Active Applications can never come into effect. Everyone living on your planet has a Dimension and a Lot of Knowledge that s/he can or cannot receive from That Dimension of his/hers.

In this Final Age, Kozmoz has opened up the Essence and Knowledge channel of everyone for humanity to benefit from the Whole Knowledge. The Frequencies of very advanced Knowledge is very intense and Powerful. It can be received only by Consciousnesses that are at That Level.

As Humanity Always Carries the Consciousness of Running from Difficulty, it has always Preferred Knowledge that does not Strain its Consciousness. Therefore Consciousness progresses on your planet are Advancing at a Very slow Tempo. For this reason, your Entire Planet has been Connected to a special program in the year 2016.

In accordance with this program, the Frequencies of All Channel Knowledge apart from the Knowledge Book have been Closed down and all Knowledge has been Connected to the 72nd Dimension Frequency. That is, Everyone on your planet will always receive the 72nd Frequency, no matter which Dimension Knowledge they are receiving. In this Manner, your Entire planet has been Card-Indexed to a Single Frequency until the End of the 21st Century, “Except for the Frequency of the Knowledge Book”.

As a Result of the Scannings to be carried out at the end of the World year 2016, Consciousnesses who have been able to receive the 72nd Energy will be connected to the 76th Frequency of the Knowledge Book in the World year 2017 and in the World year 2018, those who have been able to receive the 76th Frequency will Officially be connected to the program of Salvation, taking their Studies on This path Consciously into effect.

The Exit Gate of your planet which is in the First Solar System is SATURN. Saturn is a Galaxy that Is in the 18th Dimension and Carries the 72nd Dimension Energy. This Dimension is the End of the ALPHA Channel. Transition to OMEGA is made through Here. All programs are taken into effect as equivalent to the flow of Time.

Presented for your Knowledge.