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Our Friends,

In the programs of Communication and Union in the World, magnetic fields have a Very Strong effect. In order for you to be able to have a better Grasp of the Seriousness of the Universal Studies, We would Now like to refer to some of the characteristics of these magnetic fields.

In fact, magnetic fields are Very Strong Energy knots that are formed by Thoughts. Each topic Every Being Thinks about has a magnetic field peculiar to Itself and this magnetic field also Has a Power of Attraction.

Thus, all of the topics that are formed in Thoughts are Attracting each other to their Own magnetic fields and cause the formation of Many different magnetic fields in this way.

These magnetic fields are formed in two separate mediums as horizontal or vertical, in accordance with the Power of the Thoughts. Centers of worship Named Kıblah are horizontal magnetic fields that have been formed through the Accumulation of Powers of Thought.

And then there Are the magnetic fields that have been formed in the atmosphere. These are, in Turn, the magnetic fields formed by the Frequencies of the Sacred Books, the magnetic fields formed by fears present in Thoughts, and the magnetic fields formed by Celestial Thoughts (Angels – Djinns – Devil), etc.

Horizontal magnetic fields attract Consciousnesses that are in accordance with the same Coordinate automatically to their own auras and thus Strengthen their magnetic fields even more. However, the Energies in the magnetic fields formed in the atmosphere are only Attracted by Individuals through their Own Thoughts and they thus delve into the field of effect of That magnetic field and live their Fears – their unhappiness Or Happiness for That moment.

The Stronger a magnetic field has been formed, the more human Thoughts that are in the same Coordinate will be Attracted towards it automatically. Whichever magnetic field a Human enters by way of Thought, the Energy Power there will definitely take him/her under its Influence. Religious magnetic fields have been formed for centuries through these very Consciousnesses and Thoughts.

The Knowledge Book that has currently come into effect as a new program and that has been dictated with the Light-Photon-Cyclone automatic Technique explaining the Truth in this Age, will form its magnetic field Both Horizontally and Vertically in a Very Short Time with the Studies that will be carried out in accordance with the suggestions given.

With the Studies that have been carried out on the path of the Knowledge Book Until today, the magnetic field of the Book has been quite formed on your planet. The magnetic field of the Knowledge Book that has a Power to Overcome the Power of the Ancient Frequencies will be formed only by taking into effect the desired Studies in a Consistent and Conscious Way.

In order for a magnetic field to be formed, it is Compulsory that “a Conscious Belief” is formed in the Studies that are being carried out. Belief is the Strongest key that will Bring out the Consciousness of Your Essence potential.

The closer the Essence Energy of a Being is to the Frequencies of the Cosmic Energies s/he Attracts with his/her Essence Energy, the more Conscious – Cognizant And Sounder the Studies that are carried out will be.

In Case the Studies carried out on the path of the Knowledge Book are taken into effect in this Way, the magnetic field o the Book will be Strengthened so much more Both horizontally And vertically. And the Human thoughts on your planet will Officially take into effect the program of Service to Both their families – their mediums and to Humanity and thus help them through the positive Energies that they Attract automatically from this magnetic field. And your World will not experience these Difficult Conditions it is currently experiencing Quite so gravely. Your World has been Entrusted to You all.

It is presented to your Knowledge.